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ERP Implementation

5 steps for managing a successful ERP implementation

The final step in bringing on an ERP system is what might potentially be the trickiest part of the entire project: the implementation.

ERP Implementation

How to choose the right ERP for your business

As you wade through lists of vendors, keep in mind that the “best” ERP platform is one that’s the best fit for how your company operates.

ERP Implementation

3 tips to identify your ERP requirements

Once you’ve assembled a cross-functional ERP project team under the leadership of a skilled controller, it’s time to enter the discovery and planning phase.

ERP Implementation

How to hire a top-notch controller

Many companies turn to their controllers to lead ERP projects because they're also responsible for making decisions about new technology for the finance team.

ERP Implementation

4 key steps to choosing an ERP vendor

Here are the four steps to take to choose an ERP and ensure the success of your implementation.