Automated payouts for insurance

Streamline your entire payouts process from broker and agent onboarding to commission payouts. Scale your accounts payable faster while maintaining a superior user experience for your payees.

Transform your onboarding process

Your brokers and agents don’t want to create and manage a separate account to get paid. Keep their experience on-brand from start to finish with a payments setup that only takes a few clicks to complete.

Invite new payees from your dashboard in minutes, and import contacts from your accounting software.

Streamline collecting bank and payment details and request tax information upfront.

Offer custom-branded onboarding so your vendors know they’re working with your business, not a third party.

Fast and flexible broker and agent payouts

Give your brokers and agents the convenience of more payment options and automated notifications that let them know exactly when they’ll get paid.

Leverage instant, direct-to-bank transfers with Real-Time Payments

Choose from four ACH payment speeds, including Same Day

Choose from eight payment speeds for Checks

Save a trip to the bank and make every payment straight from your dashboard

Instant payouts with Real-Time Payments

Don’t make your brokers and agents wait until after the weekend or holidays to get paid. Create a best-in-class experience with instant payments using RTP to remit funds directly to a recipient’s bank account any day, any time. Funds are sent, received and available for use within seconds, and you can process transactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With instant processing, you’ll also avoid late payment fees.

Real-time, two-way sync with your accounting software

We work closely with Xero, QuickBooks Online, Sage Intacct and Oracle NetSuite to ensure a two-way sync that makes scaling payouts a breeze. Scale and control your broker and agent experience while we handle syncing bill and payment details.

Import and pay existing bills from your accounting software

Keep track of your payments in one place

Reconcile faster with our real-time data sync

Solutions built on results

Routables features were designed specifically to help your finance teams succeed.

40% saved on the cost of bill payments and mass payouts by companies

70% reduction in tedious payable tasks through automation

An API that your developers and finance teams will love

Accelerate your go-to-market efforts with an intuitive API that lets you customize and create the payout experience of your choice.

Integrate Routable with your accounting software, custom web application and CRM for a seamless automated accounts payable workflow across your entire stack

Use Routable's payment webhooks to react instantly in your application when payments are made or updated

Personalized support and solution expertise from the Developer Experience team

Say hello to easy commission payouts

Our API can also be used to send thousands of commission payments a week, but if developer resources aren’t available to you, our no-code single CSV file solution has you covered. When uploaded, we’ll automatically map all your fields to your accounting software, saving you hours from manually processing large volumes of payouts.

Create a seamless payout experience

From our flexible payment options to our built-in communication with your brokers and agents, we’ve built Routable so you can better support your customers on their payment terms.

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