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With Routable, you get all features and services regardless of the size of your business. Here’s why you should switch from Hyperwallet to Routable today.

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Trusted by amazing finance teams

"Routable has removed a ton of redundancies from our payables process saving our team serious time every week. Setup was way easier than I expected for a connection to NetSuite and customer service has been awesome as we've been learning the platform."
Allen Shafer

Fulton & Roark Co-founder

Why accounting and finance teams switch to Routable

There are many reasons to switch to Routable from Hyperwallet. Here’s how our features compare to Hyperwallet.

Developer APIcheckcheck
Mass paymentscheckcheck
Bill approval workflowcheckcheck
Vendor tax and W9 collectioncheckcheck
Personalized onboardingcheckcheck
Per payment audit trailcheckcheck
Accounts receivable automationcrosscheck
QuickBooks Online integrationcrosscheck
NetSuite integrationcrosscheck
Xero integrationcrosscheck
Vendor management and customer CRMcrosscheck
Bill approval workflowcrosscheck
Data validation (to prevent errors with payments)crosscheck
Unlimited levels of approval workflowscrosscheck

Better record keeping and paper trails

Hyperwallet makes it difficult to track the details of every payment. Routable offers a paper trail of every transaction, and will immediately know (and surface) any transactions that have failed.
Forward Bill-icon.svg

Multiple levels of approvals

Upload Bill-icon.svg

Paper trails for each payment processed

do more without additional staff.svg

No locked features

Many Hyperwallet features are limited to enterprise customers. With Routable, you'll get access to all features, regardless of company size, including:
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Personalized onboarding

Forward Bill-icon.svg

Multiple payment options including ACH and check

Track Approvals-icon.svg

Email and live chat support

"Because Routable integrates directly with Xero, my processing time has been cut by more than half and my account balances are more accurate because I'm not waiting for agents to deposit their checks or find lost ones."
Kim Maggini

RE/MAX Operations Manager

We make easy business payments a reality

Thousands of finance leaders trust our expertise in B2B payment solutions. Their successes speak for themselves.
70% (smaller).svg

70% reduction in tedious payable tasks with our easy-to-use software

25% (smaller).svg

25% less time spent on reconciliation with our two-way data sync

40% (smaller).svg

40% reduction in the cost of bill payments and mass payouts

Two-way sync with your accounting software

Hyperwallet doesn’t integrate with your accounting software. With Routable, you’ll get the best sync with QuickBooks, Xero, and NetSuite.

Import settings from your accounting software

Track Transactions-icon.svg

Keep track of your transactions

Reconcile Transactions-icon.svg

Reconcile faster with our real-time data sync

Dedicated support

Sometimes an issue might need immediate support. You can live chat with us at any time to get the support you need.

Dedicated onboarding team to make your transition seamless


Email and live chat support


Customized check-ins and annual reviews to help your team be successful

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