Customer case study: Seated

Seated is a ticketing company that gives artists more control of their ticketing experience. Learn how they saved countless hours with Routable’s accounts payable API.

"Routable's API has saved our team countless hours by automating thousands of outgoing payments every year. Our partners couldn't be happier with the quality of service we're now able to provide - and it's only possible because of Routable."

David McKaySeated, Co-founder and CEO

The challenge

Seated had been using for two years and found it to be increasingly tedious to use. The Seated accounting and operations team had to create a PDF of each payment and upload it into each time, which was becoming time consuming.

After speaking to other companies for a better payment solution, fellow ticketing company LaneOne referred them to Routable.

The solution

Unlike, Routable does not require a PDF to create a payment. The Seated team loved the developer-friendly API. Now, Seated has completely switched from to Routable’s API, and making payments is completely automated. The Seated team can simply choose a payment method and then send a payment via Routable.

With Routable, Seated saves hundreds of hours spent on manual payments

Vendor onboarding has never been easier, and the team has saved countless hours spent manually uploading PDFs to With Routable, everything is automated with the API. All vendors are set up within Routable, which allows the Seated team to control all email communications.

Employee engagement company streamlines vendor payouts

Routable enabled virtual employee engagement company Mystery to focus on delighting customers rather than spending hours trying to stay on top of vendor invoices.

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