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Our mission is to help reduce time and effort and provide the best payment services for clients, whether they have hundreds or thousands of transactions. Become a partner today!

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Why become a Routable partner?

We'll work closely with you and ensure you don't need to transition to other systems as your client's needs grow.
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We provide dedicated support for your business. Whether it’s a question from a bookkeeper, client, or the client’s vendors/suppliers, we’ll work to meet your needs.
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Eliminate mundane tasks so you can service your clients. Automate away manual processing, routing, and data entry and let us handle your clients’ payments so you can focus on value added work.
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We help you scale as your client’s needs grow. Transact using your clients desired payment method whether you’re paying a handful or a few thousand bills every month.
Become an active contributor to our growing roadmap. Our team works with our accounting firm partners to build new features that best service your clients.

Help your clients build easy to use approval rules

Automate approvals for bill payments to keep your clients involved while reducing their manual work.

"My clients love Routable. It’s so easy to use, the sync to accounting software is flawless, and the customer service is amazing. If you are paying bills without Routable, I would strongly encourage you to look into this solution."
Angela Roberts

Main Accounting Owner

Communicate with your clients in real time

Get clear insight directly from your clients on any open bills and invoices you need to get across the finish line.


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