Compliance and control, without the work

Take the burden off your employees and put it in the hands of Routable’s automated platform. With Routable, compliance just happens. 

Trusted by amazing finance teams

Automate more, stay compliant

Compliance is a critical component of accounts payable, but regulations, laws and manual work can be overwhelming for a busy AP department. Routable eliminates that burden, reducing the cost of human error and giving you the automated controls you need to reduce risk and improve compliance.

Robust approvals to control disbursements

Routable helps you get a handle on your existing payments risk.

Built-in controls for procurement policies, budget checks, and automated approvals make sure your spending complies with internal guidelines and regulations. And, since Routable doesn’t bill per user, you can customize permissions to fit your whole team.

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Vendor tax compliance

Don’t wait until year-end to hunt down vendors for their tax forms. Routable compiles vendor tax forms W-9, W-8 series or VAT ID forms and produces submission-ready 1099 and 1042-S reports, all with a single click.

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“I love that Routable collects payment and tax information in the same secure motion. I also love the newly added bulk email invites for vendors that are missing tax information. This empowers me to stay compliant, accurate and efficient even when addressing taxes."

National Operations DirectorNational Adult Education Company

Full audit trail for every transaction

Get complete access to audit trails so you can stay on top of compliance. 

Permission-based access controls, detailed audit trails, and approval histories are readily available, giving you the transparency you need to stay on top of compliance, without the manual work.

Reduce your vendor risk

Have Routable do the detective work vetting and validating vendors before you pay. With TIN validation and continuous monitoring against more than 6000 global watchlists (OFAC, EU, etc.), Routable helps to proactively identify and manage vendor financial and compliance risk.

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Data and insights to monitor compliance status

Routable gives you - and your auditors - all the data you need. Securely track financial transactions, automate workflows to meet regulations, create detailed audit trails, and generate reports to monitor compliance status with just a few clicks. 

Stay in control with full visibility so you can easily adhere to industry regulations and accounting standards.

Modern finance teams run on Routable

Industry-leading finance teams use Routable to automate their accounts payable. Say goodbye to manual finance tasks, saving you time and money.


80% reduction in manual payment tasks through automation and our easy-to-use software


Save hundreds of thousands a year by moving to our automated AP/AR solution


25% reduction in reconciliation efforts with our real-time 2-way accounting software sync

Financial operations simplified

Vendor Management

Seamlessly onboard vendors with a custom-branded experience.

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International Payments

Send payments worldwide while saving up to 50% on FX fees.

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Mass Payouts

Make 100s or 1000s of payments with CSV uploads or our API.

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Built for your team


Focus on your strategic role and simplify your AP/AR process

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Eliminate mundane tasks, and scale as your clients needs grow

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Lower operational costs and enable your team to deliver on targets

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Our Payments API makes it easy to send and receive business payments

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Routable is the fastest and most efficient way to manage your accounts payable.