Here you'll find some of our behind the scenes fixes, small updates to the look and feel of the app, as well as smaller additions to the API.

November 5, 2021

(1) New sidebar filters

We’ve added additional status filters to the sidebar on both the payables and receivables pages. Now you can filter your payables and receivables by all existing statuses in Routable.

October 28, 2021

(1) Two new user roles and permissions changes for the Creator role

We’re excited to roll out two additional user roles for your Routable team members: Developer and Vendor and Customer Manager.

🛠 Developer

The Developer role has the ability to create and manage API tokens. The Developer also can:

  • Spin up a Sandbox and collaborate within it

  • Create API tokens

  • Create vendors and customers (through the API, but not the Routable interface)

  • Create payments and invoices (through the API, but not the Routable interface)

👥 Vendor and Customer Manager

The Vendor and Customer Manager role can:

  • Create new vendor and customer records in Routable

  • Add and modify vendor bank accounts

  • Create customers and edit customer contacts and funding methods 

  • Send public messages to vendors and customers

  • Send internal messages to team members

Updates to the Creator role

In addition, we've changed the permissions for the Creator role based on your feedback. Creators can no longer connect or disconnect accounting software, change bank accounts settings, or toggle companywide payment methods.

These new roles are available now. To learn how to change and assign roles, check out our article on managing team member roles.

October 21, 2021

(1) Bulk actions for your bills and invoices

We’re excited to announce that we’ve introduced the ability to perform actions in bulk on your bills and invoices! Bulk actions will help you save time approving payables and receivables, sending them to your vendors and customers, and updating the date you want them to be sent.

Here's a list of the bulk actions we currently support:

  • Approve

  • Send

  • Change send date

Learn more about Bulk Actions in our blog >

(2) Large exports are now sent via email

Large exports will now be sent to you via email, so you don't have to wait for the download.

October 6, 2021

(1) Approve by email

We now support approval by email. This feature allows you to approve via email by replying "Approved" or by clicking the button in the email.

This is currently an opt-in setting that we're experimenting with, so please reach out to support@routable.com to try out this feature on for your account!

(2) Disabled the cancel button when it's outside of the cancellation window

We now disable the "Cancel" button when you can no longer cancel a payable, and show a tooltip with more information about why.

September 16, 2021

(1) New and improved branded payment experience for your vendors and customers

We've updated the look and feel of your vendor and customer external pages when they receive a payment or request for payment!

Now, when you create a payment or Invoice request, your vendor or customer will see a new, modern look that's mobile-friendly and incorporates your logo and brand colors.

(2) CSV upload now supports ACH addenda

Now you can add an ACH addenda record when you import a CSV.

What's an ACH addenda record?

An ACH addenda record is an optional record attached to an ACH payment. Essentially, it’s a note or a memo attached to the payment that’s used to provide supplemental information needed to identify the account holder, or to provide additional payment information to the recipient.

Learn more about CSV upload >

August 18, 2021

(1) Create mass payments with a CSV upload

We’re thrilled to announce that now you can create and send thousands of payments to multiple vendors with a single CSV file upload.

With the ability to upload a CSV, you can:

  • Save countless hours spent processing large volumes of payments

  • Scale your payment process without a full API integration

  • Lower your operational costs

Learn more in our blog >

(2) New vendor onboarding flow

We've updated the workflow to make it easier for your vendors and partners to register to receive payments from Routable. The new workflow will collect their contact information, tax information, business information, and payment method –  all still in your company's branding.

July 8, 2021

Two more user roles are available

We’re excited to roll out two additional user roles for your Routable team members: Approver and Collaborator.

Here’s how your team can use these roles:

✅ Approver

Approvers can approve payables and receivables with limited access to view account settings. This role is useful for team members like department heads, who may need to view and approve payments without the need to code bills themselves. Approvers can: 

  • Approve payables and receivables (when added to an approval rule)

  • View payables and receivables

  • Send internal messages to team members

  • View company records

  • View limited account settings

🤝 Collaborator

Collaborators can view payables and receivables, but cannot take action on them. This role is useful for non-finance executive team members and auditors, who may need access to view payables and receivables without the need to approve or code bills. Collaborators can:

  • View payables and receivables

  • Send internal messages to team members

  • View company records

  • View limited settings

To learn about each user role and its permissions, check out our article on understanding user roles. To learn how to change and assign roles, check out our article on managing team member roles.

Learn more in our blog > 

May 12, 2021

Two new user roles are available

You've asked, and we've listened! We're excited to announce Routable now supports two new user roles: Administrator and Creator. Here's what each role can do.

🔑 Administrator

Admins can do everything in your Routable account, including:

  • Add new team members and manage their permissions

  • Manage bank accounts

  • Manage approval settings

  • Withdraw and deposit from your Routable balance

  • Request changes to the account

💸 Creator

Creators manage payments and company records, but do not have access to all account settings. Creators can:

  • Create and send new payables and receivables

  • Send external messages to vendors and customers

  • Send internal notes to team members

  • Import open bills or invoices from your accounting software

  • Create new vendor and customer records in Routable

To view and modify your team's permissions, go to the Team members section of your Routable account. To learn more, check out our support article on user roles.

April 15, 2021

(1) New check delivery options are now available

We’re excited to announce we now have 8 new check delivery options available, including international checks, next day delivery, and multiple providers.

📫 Expanded delivery options

We want to make sure that you have the flexibility you need to send checks however you’d like. In addition to our standard USPS First-Class option, we now also have options that allow you to get a check to your vendor the next business day, within 2-3 business days, with USPS Certified mail, or with signature requirements.

📩 Tracking

In addition to USPS Certified First-Class, which gives you full chain-of-custody tracking via the USPS, we also support tracking on USPS Priority, USPS Priority with Signature Confirmation, and USPS Priority Express. We also support tracking via FedEx, with FedEx Next Day and FedEx Two Day.

🌎 International delivery

We’re also happy to announce that we support USPS First-Class International mail, for those vendors who need checks delivered outside of the United States.

🚀 How to turn on the new check options for your account

All of these options will give you more flexibility in terms of how you pay your vendors. To see the complete list of options, delivery speeds, and prices check out our updated fees page

If you’d like to opt-in to the new options, please email us at support@routable.com and we’ll activate the new options for your account.  

March 29, 2021

(1) New Routable Developer Portal is live!

We're excited to announce the launch of the new Routable Developer Portal! 🎉 Here's what you'll find.

👩‍🏫  Tutorials and guides

We've expanded our documentation offering with much requested guides and code samples on embedding Routable, attaching files, message formatting, and more.

📣 New API changelog 

Keep up-to-date on API releases and announcements via our API changelog.

The API changelog supports RSS, which is a great way to ingest Routable API news right into Slack (or your messaging platform of choice).

We'd love your feedback. Please send us a message at developers@routable.com.

March 10, 2021

You now have more flexibility to manage invites to new team members! 🤝  

On your Team Members settings page, you can: 

  • Re-invite teammates

  • Revoke invites

  • View and manage invite statuses

To learn more, check out our support article.

February 25, 2021

(1) Advanced fields for NetSuite, QuickBooks, and Xero

Routable now supports two-way synchronization of advanced fields from NetSuite, Quickbooks, and Xero. With this update, you can maintain any custom or advanced fields, allowing you to better follow your internal guidelines, save valuable time, and track payments more accurately. Advanced fields can be used to track locations, job status, amortization schedule, sales person, and any other information that is necessary for your business.

No action is needed from you. With this update, all your advanced fields from your accounting software will automatically be synchronized and made available in Routable. To learn more, check out our blog.

(2) See additional payment details on the approver screen

Now, when you approve or send a payment, you’ll see more details about the transaction all in one place. The right-hand side of the transaction page includes a list of expenses and items, in addition to any other important payment details.

February 11, 2021

(1) New API is available 🚀

The newest version of the Routable API is now available! If you have questions or need help, please contact us at developers@routable.com.

🆕  What's changing in API v3? 

In our latest API update, we've exposed additional features to our API users, including additional approvals, ACH addenda, partner contact management features, and the ability to add tags while creating an item. For a full list of changes as well as a link to the migration guide, click here

🤔  How do I migrate to the new API?  

Check out the migration instructions here.

🙇‍♂️ What is the deadline to migrate to the new API? 

There is no deadline to migrate at this time – we'll let you know if that changes! 

🏝 How do I get access to a sandbox account? 

Email us at developers@routable.com to set up and configure your sandbox account. 

🚨 Important note for Approvals users

If you have approval settings set up for your account and you'd like to migrate to the new API, please contact support@routable.com for help. New to approval rules? Check out our article on how to add approval settings for your account. 

📗 Check out the Routable API docs 

Need more help or your question wasn't answered? Check out our Routable API docs for more information on the new API. We'd love to help.

February 2, 2021

(1) You can now integrate Routable with Oracle NetSuite! 🙌

Our two-way sync keeps Oracle NetSuite up-to-date and makes reconciliation significantly less manual. With our integration, you can: 

  • Import your settings from Oracle NetSuite

  • Keep track of your transactions

  • Reconcile faster our with real-time data sync 

How our Netsuite integration works.svg

The setup process should only take about 15 minutes for most accounts. Learn how to set up your integration here

January 20, 2021

(1) Addenda records for ACH payments 💸

You can now add an addenda field when creating a new ACH payment in Routable! 🙌 This field can provide extra information such as an invoice number, transaction reference number, or client information.

When creating a new payment in Routable, under the Payment details section, Add addenda, add the description you'd like to include. This will appear along with the transaction on the bank statement. 🏦

Learn more in our blog.

October 15, 2020

(1) Configure multiple levels of approval into your workflow ✅  

We're excited to announce a new approvals structure in Routable, making it easier than ever to get the necessary approvals for every payment! 🎉  

With this update, you can: 

  • Customize your approval process by threshold

  • Easily keep various stakeholders in the loop and in control 

  • Have greater confidence in your approval process​

To turn on approval settings for your account, please contact support@routable.com.

(2) Communicate with your teammates with @mentions 📝 

Collaborating in Routable just got even easier. You can now communicate with your teammates directly on payment feeds by using @mentions in internal notes! 

To mention a teammate, select the Note option in the reply editor, then type "@" and the first few letters of their name. Tagged teammates will receive an email notification as well as any future notes in the thread to stay in the loop. 👍  

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