The simplest way to send international payments

Reduce costs, expedite payment processes, and extend your business’s reach with Routable’s global payment solutions.

Trusted by amazing finance teams

Manage accounts payable on a global scale

Save money and reduce manual workload with an AP automation platform that powers both your domestic and international payments.

Unrivaled exchange rates

Traditionally, cross-border payments have come with unpredictable fees, high currency conversion costs, and intermediary charges. But not with Routable.

With Routable, you’ll save up to 50% on foreign exchange rates compared to other AP providers and up to $40 per wire transfer, compared to your bank. 

Use these savings to reinvest in your business, or expand into global markets with complete visibility into how your money is moving around the world.

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Fast and easy cross-border payments

Time is money, and delays in payments can disrupt vendor relationships and impact your bottom line. 

With Routable you can send international payments in as little as 1-3 business days, in 36 currencies, to 220+ countries and territories around the world. 

Plus, Routable is the only AP solution that lets you send USD, EUR, and GBP anywhere in the world.

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pay international sellers in over 220 countries in 36 different currencies

"Routable’s global mass payouts solution helps us pay thousands of boutiques and small business owners across the globe quickly, which is essential to our business. It wouldn’t be possible without Routable."

Sunil GowdaGarmentory Co-founder and CEO

Global tax compliance

Simplify your worldwide expansion by automating vendor tax management, freeing you from the burden of manually handling complex processes.

Routable automatically collects the correct tax form from each vendor during onboarding and helps you download the exact forms you need for end-of-year filing. 

And, with built-in risk check features like bank account validation, and entity verification, you can feel confident making global payments that are also tax compliant.

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Error-free reconciliation

With constant fluctuations in exchange rates, manually reconciling international payments can lead to costly errors. 

Sync transactions with your accounting software in foreign currencies or your base currency and automatically record any FX gains or losses.

Routable’s real-time, two-way sync eliminates manual data entry and makes scaling payments a breeze.

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Modern finance teams run on Routable

Industry-leading finance teams use Routable to automate their accounts payable. Say goodbye to manual finance tasks, saving you time and money.


80% reduction in manual payment tasks through automation and our easy-to-use software


Save hundreds of thousands a year by moving to our automated AP/AR solution


25% reduction in reconciliation efforts with our real-time 2-way accounting software sync

Simplifying AP, start to finish

Vendor Management

Seamlessly onboard vendors with a custom-branded experience.

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AP Automation

Eliminate time spent on data entry, complicated bill approvals, and accounting software reconciliation.

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Mass Payouts

Make 100s or 1000s of payments with CSV uploads or our API.

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Built for your team


Focus on your strategic role and simplify your AP/AR process

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Eliminate mundane tasks, and scale as your clients needs grow

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Lower operational costs and enable your team to deliver on targets

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Our Payments API makes it easy to send and receive business payments

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Routable is the fastest and most efficient way to manage your accounts payable.