Customer case study: Hotplate

Hotplate provides a simple and streamlined storefront for chefs to grow their food sales online. They quickly became the go-to platform for chefs to easily acquire and manage food orders, provide a stellar checkout experience, and drive loyalty through customer insights. Learn how they increased their payout volume by 7x with Routable.

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“Automating payouts combined with frictionless onboarding was a top priority for us to ensure a first-class payment experience. Routable was able to help us achieve that from day one. Today, Hotplate is gaining even more efficiency with Routable’s easy-to-use API that allows us to scale vendor onboarding and payouts like never before.”

Rishi TalatiCo-founder and COO, Hotplate

The challenge

Onboarding and making payouts to chefs was extremely manual for the Hotplate team. They were individually processing all ACH payments — which was very time-consuming.

As hundreds of chefs began to join Hotplate, their manual onboarding process quickly became unmanageable. Hotplate wanted to focus on providing a solution for their chefs to manage and grow their businesses, which meant they needed a payments platform that could easily onboard vendors and scale payouts easily.

Hotplate, the storefront built for food drops

The solution

The Hotplate team chose Routable for its stellar REST API and easy vendor onboarding. They loved that Routable didn’t require their chefs to create a Routable account to get paid, unlike Stripe.

With Routable’s easy-to-use REST API, the Hotplate team was able to streamline their vendor onboarding flow from the Hotplate website. This eliminated the hassle of sending out email invitations to each vendor, saving the Hotplate team valuable time. They’ve also been able to completely automate their payments — when a chef clicks on the ‘Pay me now’ button, a simple API call initiates the payment immediately without any human intervention.

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Hotplate efficiently manages their AP volume with Routable

In 18 months alone, Hotplate has seen 10x growth in invoices. With a relentless focus on automation and end-user experience, Hotplate’s commitment to innovation has brought the team substantial efficiency gains allowing them to scale with ease. Today, Hotplate is serving hundreds of happy chefs with over 100,000+ orders to date.


more bill processing volume in 18 months


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