Made for mass payouts

Whether you’re handling 500 or 100,000 payments a month, our platform is designed to handle high volume payouts. Power your business with automated vendor and supplier onboarding, a programmatic way to initiate payments, a two-way sync with your accounting software, all while scaling your payouts across borders for an optimum payment and communications experience.

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Trusted by amazing finance teams


Flexible solutions built for scale

Own your mass payouts process and get started with the most convenient method of choice to automate and scale your monthly payouts. Whether you choose to build with our API or use our built-in tool - Routable can support your business as it grows.  

API integration, that is developer friendly and finance-approved

For developers, accelerate your go-to-market efforts with an intuitive and easy to use API that is compatible with any environment. Integrate into your existing platform to customize and create the payout experience of your choice.
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Get up and running with a powerful payments infrastructure in minutes

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Easily integrate Routable and Routable’s ledger syncing capabilities into your application

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API docs are important and we keep ours up-to-date. Find the latest endpoints, available data, and detailed usage documentation.

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Create thousands of payments with a simple CSV file upload

For finance teams with thousands of payments, CSV upload streamlines your entire payout process. Simply format your payouts into the CSV template, and we will automatically map all your fields to your accounting software when uploaded.
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Save countless hours spent processing large volumes of payments

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Scale your payment process without a full API integration


Enforce your existing payment approvals process

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Solutions built on results

Routables features were designed specifically to help your finance teams succeed.

40% saved on the cost of bill payments and mass payouts by companies

70% reduction in tedious payable tasks through automation

For your ambitious payout needs

Managing mass payouts at scale and across borders is complex. With Routable, you can send funds in your vendor's preferred payment method and currency while still keeping track of all your transaction details for easy reconciliation purposes.
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Pay with your desired payment method and currency

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Transparency into your currency conversion rates and fees

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Manage your transaction status and vendor actions in your dashboard

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Automate your payout workflows while maintaining your existing banking relationships

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Flexible options to payout via our API or CSV upload features


Import payables created in your ledger easily

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"Routable's API has saved our team countless hours by automating thousands of outgoing payments every year. Our partners couldn't be happier with the quality of service we're now able to provide - and it's only possible because of Routable."
David McKay

Seated, Co-founder and CEO

Fits right into your existing accounting workflows

We work closely with Xero, QuickBooks Online, Sage Intacct, and Oracle NetSuite to ensure a two-way sync that makes scaling payouts a breeze. Scale globally and control your vendor experience while we handle syncing bill and transaction details.

Import and pay existing bills from your accounting software

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Keep track of your transactions in one place

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Reconcile faster with our real-time data sync

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A vendor onboarding experience in your brand

Shouldn’t your vendor payment experience look like it’s owned by your business? With Routable, your vendors know they’re dealing with your business in a custom branded experience.
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Vendor’s tax information is requested automatically

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User-friendly vendor experience

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