Customer case study: Stratacomm

Stratacomm is an integrated public relations and communications agency. With deep expertise in transportation, new mobility, energy and sustainability, Stratacomm’s reputation is built on delivering exceptional client service and measurable results for corporate, association, nonprofit and government clients. Learn how they automated their invoice-to-pay process with Routable.

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“Routable’s integration with NetSuite was the best we evaluated. Their two-way sync and compatibility with custom fields allowed us to completely automate our invoice-to-pay processes.”

Meredythe GrayAccounting Manager, Stratacomm

The challenge

The finance team at Stratacomm needed a better way of paying out hundreds of vendors and freelancers. Before Routable, Stratacomm was scanning invoices received in the mail and uploading them to NetSuite before manually paying out vendors via hard copy checks. In search of greater efficiency, Stratacomm had briefly switched to ACH and wire payments using their bank. While this provided relief from manually cutting checks, there were still significant challenges regarding vendor management and communication along with time consuming data entry needed to update NetSuite.

Knowing there must be a better way, Stratacomm was in search of a technology-first solution that would improve their payables workflow and streamline their vendor management process. More importantly, they wanted a partner that can scale with the company as it grows.

Stratacomm, an integrated public relations and communications agency.

The solution

After an in-depth evaluation of available solutions, Stratacomm chose Routable for its vendor onboarding, approval workflows, and its best-in-class two-way sync with Oracle NetSuite. Routable’s ability to instantly pull in any custom fields and custom segments, including the Department field, from NetSuite was a major benefit to Stratacomm in order to keep NetSuite updated in real-time and eliminate double data entry between both systems.

Today, Stratacomm is able to upload invoices to NetSuite, effortlessly bring in all of the bill details to create bills in Routable and make payments directly to their vendor’s bank accounts with ACH. Best of all, their vendors can manage their own payment and tax information and receive immediate status updates on payments, allowing Stratacomm to spend less time dealing with vendor inquiries.

Stratacomm uses Routable to sync directly with Oracle NetSuite

Stratacomm pays their vendors faster with Routable

In addition to providing a seamless two-way sync with Oracle NetSuite and advanced support for custom fields, Routable’s accounts payable solution was able to automate Stratacomm’s approval process resulting in significant time savings. Routable’s approval workflow allows Stratacomm to automatically assign approvers to bills based on defined conditions and collect approvals inside the system, eliminating the need for decentralized emails.


of vendors paid via Routable


faster payments to vendors


Freight technology company automated their payouts in less than 3 weeks

Routable’s seamless two-way sync with Oracle NetSuite helped Mothership eliminate errors, save time, streamline their processes, and simplify vendor communications.

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