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Unhappy with how your current payment processor is handling your mass payouts and how much it might be costing you? See why you should switch to Routable today.

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"Routable's API has saved our team countless hours by automating thousands of outgoing payments every year. Our partners couldn't be happier with the quality of service we're now able to provide - and it's only possible because of Routable."
David McKay

Seated, Co-founder and CEO

Why finance and engineering teams switch to Routable

There are many reasons to switch to Routable from a payment processor. Here’s how our features compare to some of the most popular payment processors.

Payment ProcessorsRoutable
Mass paymentscheckcheck
Cross-border paymentscheckcheck
Vendor tax info collectioncheckcheck
Full per payment audit trail checkcheck
Full 2-way sync with NetSuitecrosscheck
Full 2-way sync with Xerocrosscheck
Full 2-way sync with QuickBooks Onlinecrosscheck
Full 2-way sync with Sage Intacctcrosscheck
Payment method - Checkcrosscheck
Business model designed for payouts - flat fee per transactioncrosscheck
Support for advanced fields, custom segments, and document syncing in your accounting softwarecrosscheck
Build your own vendor onboarding experience with a REST APIcrosscheck
No requirement to pre-fund balance for Standard or Expedited ACHcrosscheck
Custom approval rulescrosscheck
No vendor account requiredcrosscheck

Cost of doing business

Unlike processors who charge you a small percentage of each transaction value –and sometimes even a small fee per vendor that you set up– Routable typically charges a flat fee per transaction, making it more cost effective for everyone.
Track Transactions-icon.svg

Save thousands of dollars with Routable pricing that starts at $0.50 / transaction

Two-Way Integrationsicon.svg

Compare making a $100k payment with a processor that could cost you anywhere around $250 but only $0.50 per transaction with Routable

Reconcile Transactions-icon.svg

Minimize your payment costs, particularly for high-volume and high -ticket transactions


Reach more vendors with more payment options

Unlike some processors who may not support checks, we provide you with convenient payment options, increased speed of payments, cross-border payments, approving payments in bulk to communicating the payment details for that ideal payment experience.
Reconcile Transactions-icon.svg

Four different ACH payments speeds available

Forward Bill-icon.svg

Eight different check payment speeds available


Real-Time Payments for instant direct-to-bank transfers

Track Approvals-icon.svg

Pay vendors and contractors in 200 countries and territories

payment method-productgraphic.svg

Real-time, two-way sync with your accounting software

Most payment processors cannot send data to your accounting integrations. Can your processor help your finance team create and manage vendors, or create a new payment record in your accounting system? With Routable, you’ll get a real-time, two-way sync.

Import settings from either Xero, QuickBooks Online, Oracle NetSuite or Sage Intacct

Forward Bill-icon.svg

Support for advanced fields, custom segments, and document syncing in your accounting software

Track Transactions-icon.svg

Keep track of your transactions

Reconcile Transactions-icon.svg

Reconcile faster with our real-time data sync

Sync to accounting software feature-productgraphic.svg
"I love Routable’s modern intuitive UI and responsive support team. The API was very straightforward and barely took a day. If you’re thinking about using Routable for your payables and receivables, just do it!"
Sunil Gowda

Garmentory Co-founder and CEO

We make easy business payments a reality

Thousands of finance leaders trust our expertise in B2B payment solutions. Their successes speak for themselves.

70% reduction in tedious payable tasks with our easy-to-use software

25% (smaller).svg

25% less time spent on reconciliation with our two-way data sync


40% reduction in the cost of bill payments and mass payouts

Control of funds

Routable connects directly to your bank account(s), so the funds always come directly from your bank account, not a float account or a processor-owned account.
Track Transactions-icon.svg

More cash flow control, especially as you grow

Reconcile Transactions-icon.svg

We don't hold your money in our bank account for your payouts


Approval rules done right

Can your processor help you customize your approval rules so you can have multiple levels of approvals for payments of a certain amount and more? Routable makes it easy for you to define your approval rules to help you stay in control and in compliance.

Multiple levels of approvals to help you stay in control

Customize Approvals-icon.svg

Better collaboration across cross-functional teams with a streamlined approval process

do more without additional staff.svg

Trusted, on-brand vendor onboarding experience

Shouldn’t your vendor payment experience look like it’s owned by your business? With Routable, your vendors know they’re dealing with your business in a custom branded experience.
Simple UI-icon.svg

No need for your agents, brokerages or your vendors to create a Routable account

Track Approvals-icon.svg

Collect tax and payment information with a custom-branded vendor onboarding flow

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