Automate payouts with QuickBooks Online

Routable makes it easy for teams that run on QuickBooks Online to manage their accounts payables through automation and easy controls. No matter your current AP process, scaling payouts has never been easier.

A true real-time, two-way sync

With our two-way integration with QuickBooks Online that mirrors your configurations, data moves effortlessly between QuickBooks Online and Routable in real-time, meaning both systems are always up to date.

Streamlined vendor onboarding

Routable’s custom-branded vendor onboarding automates collecting banking and tax information, without requiring your vendors and contractors to create an account.

Multiple payout options to help you grow

With more options at your fingertips, you can get started processing tens or thousands of invoices with ease.

Upload invoices or forward attachments from your email to easily create new payments in seconds.

Streamline your payout process with a simple no-code CSV upload.

Create your own payout experience with an easy-to-use API.

"After testing 5+ different AP solutions, Routable was the clear winner. There's a long list of reasons why: better QuickBooks Online sync, user experience, vendor onboarding experience, quality and timeliness of customer support, their product roadmap and velocity – it's just the best solution we've found."

Matt TaitCEO, Decimal

Speed up payment creation with OCR invoice automation

Automatically create new payables with pre-filled bill details from invoices uploaded or emailed to your Routable inbox. Save up to three minutes per invoice by increasing accuracy and reducing time spent manually coding bills with Routable's OCR.

Automate your approval workflows

Maintain your existing approval workflows and configure multi-level approval flows based on dollar amounts to ensure key stakeholder visibility into payouts.

Send money around the world

Send payments to over 220 countries and territories worldwide via International ACH and SWIFT. Make all of your domestic and international payments in one system with complete fee transparency for you and your vendors. Take advantage of the flexibility to record payments in USD or in any of our supported currencies based on your QuickBooks Online preferences.

Fast and flexible payment options

Give your vendors the option of receiving payments electronically with the industry's fastest payment speeds including Same Day and Next Day ACH along with Real-Time Payments for instant direct-to-bank transfers. Automate check payments with your choice of eight different delivery speeds with the most competitive rates.


Retail plumbing supply store reduced their accounts payable costs by 40%

Routable’s cloud-based solution allowed Excel Plumbing Supply & Showroom to remotely send remittance details to multiple contacts, and provided a seamless, real-time two-way sync with QuickBooks Online.

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