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Cross-border payments for QuickBooks Online

We’re excited to announce our official release of cross-border payments for QuickBooks Online! Send payments to over 220 countries and always stay in sync with your accounting software.


Three reasons why Routable and NetSuite are the perfect pair

Learn why Routable is the best option for NetSuite customers to scale faster, save time and work more efficiently across their AP processes.


Make instant B2B payments a reality with Real-Time Payments

Learn the advantages of sending real-time payments to your vendors and contractors and how to send them using Routable.


The benefits of a real-time, two-way sync

You shouldn't be cleaning up data caused by your payables platform. Learn how a true real-time, two way sync can transform your workflow.


New: Create and send global payments with CSV upload

You can now create and send thousands of payments to your vendors and contractors worldwide with Routable's CSV upload for cross-border payments.


Update: CSV upload for NetSuite now available

CSV Upload for payables is now available for NetSuite. This functionality eliminates several issues that arise when scaling mass payouts.


These UX updates make accounts payable even easier

In an effort to deliver the best solution available to our customers, we've been busy adding user experience features that just make sense.


New: Bulk actions for your bills and invoices

We hope this update makes it much easier to manage your payments quickly and still enforce the proper controls. Now your team can focus on the most value-added activities and eliminate tedious, repetitive work.


Mass payments: Create and send thousands of payments with CSV upload

You can now create and send thousands of payments to hundreds of different vendors with a single file upload.


New: Manage your team’s permissions with additional user roles

User roles will make it easier to manage your team’s responsibilities in Routable and simplify your payment process.


Expanded check delivery options

We’re excited to announce we now support 8 different check delivery options, including international checks, next day delivery, and multiple providers.


New: Advanced fields for NetSuite, QuickBooks, and Xero

Routable now supports a two-way synchronization for advanced fields from NetSuite, QuickBooks, and Xero.