Routable & NetSuite Integration

Key Features

Routable's accounts payable automation platform offers a robust solution to streamline the AP process for Mid-Market and Enterprise companies. Routable supports most payment speeds, plus both domestic and international payments.

Custom Branding

With Routable you have the flexibility to make your vendor payment experience fit with your custom branding, creating a user-friendly environment for your vendors.

International payments

Send payments to over 220+ countries and territories, covering 36 currencies.

International currency configuration

Code international bills in Routable in the bill currency, and sync bills to NetSuite in the account's Base Currency (e.g. USD equivalents) or Multi-Currency. If you choose to sync in Base Currency, Routable will record FX gain/loss for you.

Two-way sync integration with your accounting software

Sync with Oracle NetSuite in real-time, with the added ability to pull in custom segments and custom fields.

Customer Support

A complete customer support system that emphasizes communication and education throughout your time with us, including Customer Success, Tech Support, and Developer Advocates for API support.

Invoice processing and automated capture

Eliminate manual data entry and reduce errors with OCR for invoice data capture. Invoices uploaded to the Routable inbox are automatically pushed into NetSuite, including any PDF attachments.

CSV upload and API integration

Streamline your entire payout process by automatically mapping all your fields to your accounting software with CSV upload. If an engineering team is available, let our API help you integrate Routable with your existing platform.

Enterprise-ready approval workflows

Reduce processing time and ensure compliance with automated workflows that route invoices to the appropriate approvers based on a set of custom predefined rules: vendor, location, department, invoice amount, GL account, creator, and more.

Flexible payment methods and speeds

Send payments faster with tools like automated reminders, early payments, and flexible payment methods. Routable supports 4 ACH speeds, 8 check speeds, and Instant Payment remittance (RTP).

Vendor onboarding and management

Stores all of your vendor information, including payment history, contact information, payment preferences, and tax forms in a single place. Your vendor information gets synced with NetSuite.

Real-time reporting and analytics

Track and analyze your AP processes, which can easily be synced to NetSuite for further analysis.

Multi-entity integration

Routable’s customers can integrate with NetSuite OneWorld to connect and manage 10+ subsidiaries.

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