Jo McCann

Jo McCann

Jo is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Routable where she's passionate about bringing the latest fintech tools to market. She has over 8 years of industry experience in fintech and accounting.
payments to international vendors with Routable and Sage Intacct

Introducing international payments for Sage Intacct

We’re excited to announce our official release of international payments for Sage Intacct! Routable makes sending payments across borders a breeze.


What is a payment aggregator?

For some companies, using a payment aggregator simplifies the digital payment process significantly, though the method may not be for everyone.


The accounting robots are coming

Accounting automation sounds intimidating, but ultimately will empower and assist financial teams in focusing on the tasks that matter most.


New: Send money to 223 countries and territories around the world

We now support SWIFT payments so you can transfer money overseas quickly and securely across 223 countries and territories.


What is payment management software?

Payment management software helps ensure accuracy and efficiency through payments by automating and tracking your transactions.


What are cash controls?

Internal controls are processes and procedures implemented at all levels of organizational structure to prevent loss of cash flow and financial fraud.


Why your outsourced CFO’s technology matters

Technology influences every decision a CFO makes. To help your startup grow, your CFO must have a strong understanding of the latest financial technology.


What's the difference between a 1099 and a W2?

Should you hire 1099 contractors or full-time W-2 employees? Learn the difference in our blog.


Purchase requisition or purchase order?

Purchase requisitions typically help stakeholders make an informed decision to approve or deny a purchase. Purchase orders formalize the order for goods or services needed. Learn more about how and when these two documents are used.


Mass payments: Create and send thousands of payments with CSV upload

You can now create and send thousands of payments to hundreds of different vendors with a single file upload.


The finance tool stack from Series B to IPO

Which are the best-in-class tools that will grow with your company as it expands from a Series B startup to its IPO?


The best way to pay 1099 contractors

The best way to pay 1099 contractors is with a payroll system that captures invoices, manages contractor data, and produces accurate tax documents.