Effortless international payments for Sage Intacct

Routable makes sending international payments a breeze. With our real-time two-way sync for international payments with Sage Intacct, both systems are always up to date with the latest transactions and payment statuses so that nothing falls through the cracks. 

Send money to 220+ countries in 36 currencies and record payments in Sage Intacct in your currency of choice

For Sage Intacct users, sending international payments has never been easier. With Routable’s best-in-class integration with Sage Intacct, you can keep all of your payments in one system, in perfect harmony with your accounting software. When sending international payments, you can now record transactions in Sage Intacct using either your base currency or foreign currency based on your Sage Intacct settings. The best part? Save up to 50% on exchange rates by sending international payments with Routable via local rails  when compared to other AP automation providers. 

Powerful AP automation with an industry leading two-way sync for Sage Intacct

Routable’s two-way sync with Sage Intacct was designed to keep both systems up-to-date, always. Without any manual intervention bills, vendors, and transactions are synced between both platforms automatically. In addition, Routable mirrors your configurations in Sage Intacct so that both systems speak the same language as your teams. That’s why Routable allows you to bring in dimensions such as class and location from Sage Intacct. Once payments are completed in Routable, we’ll mark bills as paid and sync all of the relevant transaction data such as payment reference numbers or ACH ID back to Sage Intacct, making reconciliation significantly less manual.  

Flexibility designed for any workflow

At Routable, we want AP to work your way. Our platform was designed with user experience in mind so that you can onboard and pay thousands of vendors with ease. Transform your onboarding process by seamlessly onboarding domestic and international vendors using a custom branded, self-service onboarding flow with no sign-up required. Our onboarding experience is localized to each country so that vendors can onboard themselves and set up their banking and tax information all in one place. 

For mass payouts, scale global and domestic payouts fast with our no-code CSV upload or using the Routable API to create the payment experience of your choice. For finance teams in need of a more traditional AP workflow, the Routable inbox allows you to automate invoice processing using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to create thousands of payments in seconds, drastically reducing bill coding time. 

Why choose Routable for international payments with Sage Intacct? 

Routable’s global payout solution was designed to provide the best end-to-end experience for finance and operations professionals and their vendors. Our integration pulls in your Sage Intacct preferences for a seamless experience across both platforms. 

  • Value packed pricing. Save up to 50% on exchange rates by sending international payments via local rails with Routable compared to other AP automation providers

  • Complete global coverage. Send payments to over 220 countries using local bank transfers (international ACH) or SWIFT (international wire).

  • Multi-currency sync. Make payments in foreign currencies and record the transactions in Sage Intacct using the same currency as the bill payment.

  • Base currency sync. Make payments in foreign currencies and record the transactions in Sage Intacct using your base or home currency. If there is any foreign exchange rate gain or loss, Routable will automatically create a journal entry in Sage Intacct for the gain or loss to ease reconciliation.

  • Automated journal entries. Send foreign currency payments in Routable and we’ll automatically record any FX gains or losses in Sage Intacct.

Get started with international payments

If you’re interested in learning more, or would like to see how Routable’s international payments can help your business, request a demo.


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