Friction-free accounts payable

Routable supports your payables today while giving you the flexibility to scale transactions tomorrow.

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Trusted by amazing finance teams

Simplify your AP process

Eliminate time spent on data entry, accounting, software updates, and vendor management.

Solutions built on results

Routables features were designed specifically to help your finance teams succeed.

40% saved on the cost of bill payments and mass payouts by companies

70% reduction in tedious payable tasks through automation

Import, email, scan, or upload

We want AP to work your way! Routable gives you the option to email, scan, or upload any bill or batch file. Allowing your team to process one or thousands of payments.

Automatically forward bills from your email

Upload your bills

Leverage our sophisticated API for bulk processing

"We're spending about 90% less time onboarding new partners, and once they're onboard the process for each incremental payment is seamless."
Grant Delgado

Tend Co-founder and CFO

Be confident in your approval process

Ensure the right stakeholders can easily review and approve bills without slowing down your process.

Automatically forward bills from your email

Customize your approver rules

Communicate and document approvals

We'll update your accounting software

Our two-way sync keeps your accounting software up-to-date and makes reconciliation significantly less manual.

Import settings from your accounting software

Keep track of your transactions

Reconcile faster with our real-time data sync

Lower costs and enable your team to deliver

Give your team the control and flexibility they need while keeping a handle on risk.
Support your team’s growth by reducing their time spent on manual, tedious tasks related to bill processing and vendor warrants.
Reduce your regulatory and compliance risk. Minimize your payment risk with a secure platform and leverage AP controls via an automated workflow.
Optimize your process from receipt to settlement. Automate processing, recording, and reporting transactions with our two-way sync.
Leverage the Routable API to integrate AP and AR with your accounting software and other systems.

Built for your team

Focus on your strategic role and simplify your AP/AR process
Eliminate mundane tasks, and scale as your clients needs grow
Lower operational costs and enable your team to deliver on targets
Our Payments API makes it easy to send and receive business payments

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