Customer case study: Decimal

Decimal offers full-service accounting operations for businesses of all sizes. Learn how Decimal's partnership with Routable has helped their clients scale.

"After testing 5+ different AP solutions, Routable was the clear winner. There's a long list of reasons why: better QuickBooks Online sync, user experience, vendor onboarding experience, quality and timeliness of customer support, their product roadmap and velocity – it's just the best solution we've found."

Matt TaitCEO, Decimal

The challenge

Decimal was looking for the right AP solution for their clients, but they were having trouble finding the right one. They needed something that was easy to use, had a seamless integration with QuickBooks Online, and had excellent client support. Most importantly, they wanted someone who would work with them as a strategic partner to help their clients and their company scale.

The solution

After testing several different AP solutions, the Decimal team found what they were looking for with Routable’s accounts payable solution. Routable offered a fast and seamless two-way sync with QuickBooks Online, which eliminated double data-entry. Routable was easy to learn, navigate, and use without a lot of retraining. Now, Decimal recommends Routable to all their clients.

Decimal keeps their clients happy with Routable

Now Decimal's clients can focus on the important areas of business instead of their back office. The Decimal team appreciates the level of partnership with Routable and how they listen to their feedback from their clients. Best of all, they love that they're now able to offer one complete AP solution and easily onboard new clients.

Indie marketplace saves 90+ hours a month with Routable

Routable’s modern and easy-to-use API saved Garmentory countless hours they would have spent building a payments solution in house.

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