How Routable’s support system sets you up for success

Getting your accounts payable set up with Routable means that your payouts experience will get a whole lot easier. We’re confident that our automation tools will leave your teams feeling empowered to reach their goals faster with less work. But there’s another Routable perk we’re also confident you’ll love: our customer support system.

We commonly hear from Routable customers who have switched from other AP providers that the quality of customer support they experienced was diluted, and it understandably left them frustrated. After all, an AP provider is handling your money — shouldn’t they be able to help you quickly when something goes wrong?

Building a support system with intention

The feedback from our customers mirrors the conversations our founders had with finance teams when Routable was founded.

CEO Omri Mor and CTO Tom Harel ran more than 450 customer development interviews to understand how businesses scale B2B payouts — they were shocked to learn that customer support was not a common resource offered by the industry’s top accounts payable and payment processing providers.

So, we built a complete customer support system that emphasizes communication and education throughout your time with us, and it’s broken down into three parts:

  • Customer Success

  • Tech Support

  • and Developer Advocates for API support

From implementation and beyond, we're focused on building a trusted relationship with you that allows your business to scale without sweating the small stuff.

The Customer Sucess team

When you sign up with Routable, our Customer Success team will help you kick things off. They’ll also be available to you throughout your time with us.

First up: An implementation call

Getting started with a new AP platform can feel high stakes: Will all your payments fail if you click on the wrong button?

For the record, the chances of a disaster like this happening are super low, but we get the worry. This is why new Routable users get one-on-one guidance during an implementation call with a dedicated Implementation Manager from our Customer Success Team. You’ll have a customized platform walkthrough where we match the fit and flow of these calls to your needs. We may cover tutorials on payment options, how to initiate payments and how to onboard new users.

You and your Implementation Manager will work together to ensure that you’re getting the right value from our platform upfront. We'll go over best practices and highlight any product features that could especially benefit your team.

You’ll also hear from a Customer Success Manager every quarter to check in on your experience with Routable. We’ll discuss any opportunities for additional feature adoptions, optimize your workflows and keep you up-to-date on any new features and functions within our platform.

Larger customers get a dedicated Customer Success Manager

For customers who process over $1 million worth of payments a month, you'll also have a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) who will act as a high-touch customer success representative. Along with quarterly reviews, you may even have bi-weekly reviews to train on newly launched functionalities, dig deep into your needs or connect with Product Managers to help us research innovations we’re working on.

We’ll take your feature requests seriously

Our team geeks out over ways we can evolve your day-to-day experience with Routable. Once you’re familiar with the platform, we want to hear about any features or functions you wish were available. We’ll have you answer a few questions within a simple form, and your answers will post to a dedicated Slack channel so that our team won’t miss your request. We’ll then connect you with a CSM and a Product Manager to gather in-the-weeds details of your request.

The Technical Support team

Members of Routable’s Technical Support team have a deep understanding of the platform, and it allows them to investigate and resolve issues quickly with minimal back and forth. (Internally, we call them our Technical Experts.) And because their support philosophy is product-focused, they continuously share customer insights with the Product team to help get needed features and improvements prioritized.

Tech Support will keep you connected in mainly two ways: our in-app chat and our ever-growing Help Center. They’ve made it easy to find the right information to help you solve an issue on your own, and when you just want to talk to a real person, you can get connected with someone fast.

Reach us via the in-app chat

Customers can get help with all kinds of issues using our in-app chat feature: a payment may have failed, a check may need to be canceled or reinitiated or there could be a hiccup with a ledger integration.

Reach the Tech Support team via our in-app chat.

When something goes wrong, you can connect with someone on our Tech Support team to help you resolve it. They aim to reply within an hour via a real-time chat. And when something is super tricky and can’t be resolved right away, we’ll take some time to loop in the right team (e.g., engineering, product) to help us figure out the right solution. We’ll be sure to give you timely updates on our progress so that you’re never left in the dark.

Flip through our Help Center for quick info

Our Help Center is your go-to library of knowledge for all things Routable. You can find help for topics like managing your vendors, setting up your payment workflows and integrating your accounting software with Routable.

Our Help Center makes it easy to find the right answers to common questions.

Our Tech Support team tends to these articles every day, so you can be confident that you’re always reading the most up-to-date information.

The Developer Experience team

If you’re using Routable’s API, our Developer Experience team will work with your developer team to understand your goals and make the integration process seamless.

You'll have a dedicated developer

Like a CSM with our Customer Success team, the Developer Experience team also provides personal support for API customers. Your Developer Advocate helps you flow out the process of the API integration and offers the customized support you need.

We’ll set you up with a sandbox environment

During the implementation process, you’ll have an ongoing, controlled sandbox environment where you can test all the features of our platform before going live.

This environment stays with you throughout your time with Routable and is the best way to test without sending actual money. Your Routable sandbox will look, feel and behave like a production account so you can feel confident in your solution before pushing your integration to production.

You’ll have complete access to our developer portal

Everything you need as a developer to get started and integrate your systems is available in Routable’s developer portal. Our API guides walk you through every aspect of the Routable API and how to set up accounting software sandboxes and integrations.

A sample from Routable's Recipes page.

 If you're looking for a starter template, the Recipes page details common-use scenarios and covers what working with the Routable API feels like in code. You’ll also find a complete API reference that details each endpoint in the Routable REST API and a changelog to help you understand how our API is growing to meet your needs. We provide a four-step checklist for integration, first-time integration guidance and other resources for developers.

Ready to get started with Routable?

We’re convinced that we have the best customer-facing crew to help your teams scale. Request a demo below to get in touch with us. We’re excited to meet you.

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