Global payouts made easy

A powerful AP platform and global mass payouts solution in one. With flexible options including the dashboard, a file CSV upload, or an API, you can own your payout experience and send thousands of global payouts a month with ease.

Trusted by amazing finance teams


An all-in-one payouts solution

Enter new markets and drive growth with the only payouts platform you will ever need.
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Automate your payout workflows and move money globally at scale

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All your payments in one system

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Support for both SWIFT payments and local bank transfers

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Power global payouts with a CSV file upload

For finance teams with thousands of payments, CSV upload streamlines your entire payout process. Simply format your payouts into the CSV template, and we will automatically map all your fields to your accounting software when uploaded.
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Save countless hours spent processing large volumes of payments

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Scale your payment process without a full API integration


Enforce your existing payment approvals process

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"Routable’s global mass payouts solution helps us pay thousands of boutiques and small business owners across the globe quickly, which is essential to our business. It wouldn’t be possible without Routable."
Sunil Gowda

Garmentory Co-founder and CEO

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Complete transparency

Gain complete transparency into currency conversion rates and fees so you know how your money is moving across borders.
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Send payments in your vendor’s local currency via international ACH

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Send SWIFT payments with ease

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Complete transparency into how your money is moving across borders

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Easy-to-scale API

Our modern, user-friendly APIs allow you to get up and running with a powerful payments infrastructure for cross-border payments in minutes.
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Handle high payment volumes without compromising speed or stability


Fine-grained access permissions so you can define who has access to your data

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API docs with the latest endpoints, recipes, and detailed usage documentation

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Real-time, two way sync with your accounting software

Our real-time, two way sync with Oracle NetSuite and QuickBooks Online makes scaling payouts a breeze. Scale globally and control your vendor experience while we handle syncing bill and transaction details.

Import and pay existing bills from Oracle NetSuite

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Keep track of your transactions in one place

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Reconcile faster with our real-time data sync

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Self-serve vendor and contractor experience

As your company grows internationally, we make it easy to seamlessly manage and onboard thousands of vendors and contractors across the globe.
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Automatic tax collection

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Custom-branded onboarding portal for each country

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Seamless, user-friendly UX

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