New: Create and send global payments with CSV upload

We’ve expanded our CSV upload feature to support global payments! Now you can create and send payments to vendors and contractors around the world in their preferred currency with a simple file upload.

Routable’s powerful mass payouts platform was built to support your business growth and scale payouts to your vendors and contractors. We’re excited to announce that now we can support your growth as you expand globally with the ability to create and send thousands of payments around the world with CSV upload for cross-border payments.

This update builds on our current CSV upload function, which allows you to send domestic payments with a CSV file. You can now combine both domestic and international payments in a single file. We’ll automatically calculate any exchange rate, currency conversion fees and any other fees for every single payment, saving you countless hours spent sending payments through multiple tools.

With this update, you can:

  • Send payments to over 200 countries and territories in a single CSV file

  • Save time and reduce your operating costs

  • Scale your global payout process without an API integration

How CSV upload works

  1. First, create your vendors in the Routable dashboard.

2. Next, upload your file formatted into the CSV template.

Save time and lower your operational costs while you scale

Our CSV upload for cross-border payments streamlines your payouts process from end to end.

We’ll automatically:

  • Check for duplicates

  • Warn you if there are any errors

  • Prompt you to add any approvers if needed.

For companies that send out thousands of payments a week to vendors and contractors, this translates to hours of time saved for your accounting team.

With CSV upload, you get the benefits of scaling your payments process quickly, even without using our API. This frees up your AP and account teams to focus on more meaningful tasks and spend less time on tedious data entry.

How to start using CSV upload for your cross-border payments

If you’re a current customer and want to start using CSV upload, it’s available now if you're using Routable without an accounting software integration. (Our NetSuite integration is coming soon!) To enable this feature for your account, please reach out to your Customer Success manager.

If you’re a new customer and want to learn how Routable can help you scale from 500 to 500,000 payments a month or want to learn how our API for cross-border payments can scale your business even further, schedule a demo with us.

What's next

CSV upload for cross-border payments is just one piece of the global payout solution we’re building. Keep an eye on the blog for updates on upcoming features, including expanded country support, a full NetSuite integration and more.


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