Modern bill payments, payouts, and invoicing

Routable helps companies speed up their business payments using a secure invoice and bill payment platform.

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Trusted by amazing finance teams

We make business payment automation a reality

Hundreds of finance teams trust our decades of experience in B2B payment solutions. Here are some of their successes.

80% reduction in manual payment tasks through automation and our easy-to-use software

Save hundreds of thousands a year by moving to our automated AP/AR solution

25% reduction in reconciliation efforts with our real-time 2-way accounting software sync

Friction-free accounts payable

Reduce your manual intervention with our secure bill payment solution. We support your payables workflow today while giving you the flexibility to scale transactions tomorrow.

Automated accounts receivable

Automatically route invoices, collect revenue, and update your payment records in your preferred accounting software.

Don't worry about updating your

accounting software

Syncing data is effortless and real-time. Start driving your business growth and always be in control of your data.


Two way sync that makes sending invoices and paying bills a breeze

QuickBooks Online

Save time with a two-way sync that is effortless and real-time


Scale your Enterprise business with Routable + NetSuite

An API solution to save you from building an in-house payments solution

Our API-first approach means that you always have modern easy-to-use API that allow you to get up and running with a powerful payments infrastructure in under five minutes.
"We're spending about 90% less time onboarding new partners, and once they're onboarded, the process for each incremental payment is seamless."

Grant Delgado

Tend, Cofounder and CFO

Built for your team

Focus on your strategic role and simplify your AP/AR process
Eliminate mundane tasks, and scale as your clients needs grow
Lower operational costs and enable your team to deliver on targets
Our Payments API makes it easy to send and receive business payments

Enterprise-ready compliance and security

Routable adheres to leading security and compliance standards to ensure that all your business payments and data are encrypted both in rest and motion.

SOC 2 Certified

We scan for vulnerabilities constantly

We love being a secure company, so we all regularly attend security, compliance, and privacy training

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