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Postal is a marketing automation platform for sales and marketing teams to send personalized items, swag and e-gifts at scale. They curate hundreds of small and local vendors worldwide, offering a wide range of items to help sales and marketing teams drive conversions, increase engagement, and acquire more customers. Learn how they pay their vendors 5x faster with Routable.

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“The time and cost savings of implementing Routable’s REST API are immeasurable. The transition was seamless and has been invaluable in helping us scale.”

Mike dePachalisDirector of Finance, Postal

The challenge

The finance team at Postal previously handled all of their accounts payable manually. As they acquired more mid-market and enterprise clients, they began adding more vendors receiving hundreds of invoices a month. The finance team couldn't efficiently handle the volume of vendor invoices - each took an average of 10 days to process, and up to 30 days for a vendor to receive payment.

Mike dePachalis, Head of Finance at Postal, knew they needed a better way to take care of their vendors and make sure they were getting paid on time, every time.

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The solution

After an in-depth evaluation of solutions, Postal chose Routable for its vendor onboarding, REST API with comprehensive API documentation, and best-in-class two-way sync with Oracle NetSuite.

In less than a month, Postal's developer team was able to implement Routable's REST API and vendors can now onboard themselves in a secure ecosystem where they can input their remittance data and choose their preferred method of payment.

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Frictionless payout process and hands-off vendor onboarding

Since implementing Routable's API, Postal has reduced their invoice processing time by 80% and can pay their vendors 5x faster. By automating their accounts payable with an APl-first approach, Postal has been able to seamlessly pay all of their AP from one system, giving them the ability to scale payouts, increase team efficiency, and achieve peace of mind.


of Postal's vendors transitioned to Routable


reduced invoice processing time


faster payments to vendors


This storefront increased their payout volume by 7x with Routable

With Routable’s easy-to-use REST API, the Hotplate team was able to streamline their vendor onboarding flow from the Hotplate website.

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