Customer case study: Mothership

Mothership is a short-haul freight technology company that focuses on last mile delivery services. They use a network of transportation carriers to deliver palletized freight across the US. Learn how they automated their payouts in less than 3 weeks with Routable.

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“Routable's payment software has been a game-changer for managing payouts to our partner transportation carriers. The seamless two-way sync with Oracle NetSuite and support for custom fields has helped us streamline our processes and eliminate errors. We highly recommend Routable to any business looking to improve their accounts payable automation and mass payouts."

Jennifer EdwardsFinance Operations Manager, Mothership

The challenge

Mothership was looking for a payout solution that could scale with their growing business, offer simpler payment reconciliation, and streamline their accounts payable processes. They also needed a solution that could pay out their carriers promptly, since maintaining strong carrier partnerships is crucial for their business.

Mothership had previously used, but found that it didn't integrate well with their new accounting ERP, Oracle NetSuite, since it did not have custom fields support.

Mothership, a short-haul freight technology company

The solution

Mothership implemented Routable's accounts payable solution to scale their carrier payouts. They found that Routable offered the most advanced technology, responsive customer service, user-friendly interface, as well as a thorough understanding of their unique use case.

In addition to providing a seamless two-way sync with Oracle NetSuite and robust support for custom fields, Routable's accounts payable solution was able to automate Mothership's approval process and enable bulk payments, resulting in significant financial and time savings. Routable's platform also ensures clean remittance information and accurate tracking of approved payments, streamlining Mothership's accounts payable processes and eliminating errors.

Mothership automated their payouts with Routable

Mothership streamlines their payout process with Routable

Mothership found that Routable is the perfect solution for their needs helping them streamline payouts to their partner transportation carriers. Mothership was able to implement Routable's payment software quickly and were able to start making all payments through Routable within a few weeks.

2 weeks

to fully implement Routable's payment software

3 weeks

to start making all payments through Routable


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