Customer case study: Decent

Decent provides healthcare for start-ups and small businesses. Their mission is to improve health, reduce costs, and put members at the center of their care. Learn how they scaled their payments with Routable.

“Routable has allowed us to move away from paper checks and faxes. Now, we have the ability to streamline document collection for W9s and send payments electronically.”

Richard LuckCo-Founder and COO, Decent

The challenge

Decent was looking for payments platform that could help them pay claims out of their existing claims adjudication system as well as collect insurance premiums from their members. They also needed a solution that could document every transaction for end-of-year audits and could streamline their W-9 collection.

The solution

After evaluating a few different payment providers, including, only Routable had the features that suited their needs, including multiple payment options and approver levels. In the future, they hope to implement the Routable API to automate the claims adjudication process even further.

Decent streamlined their approvals with Routable

With Routable’s seamless approver workflow, Decent was able to completely automate their approval process. Providers can set up their own payment and banking information using Routable's seamless vendor onboarding system. Routable also automates the collection of W-9 information from each provider, making it easier for them to gather information for 1099 generation.

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