Customer case study: Costello Real Estate & Investments

Costello is a full-service residential real estate brokerage. Learn how they scaled their agent payouts with Routable's payments solution.

"Our agents’ happiness is our highest priority, so I was pleased to find a solution like Routable that made paying our agents so quick and easy."

Zachary FowlerDirector of Accounting, Costello Real Estate & Investments

The challenge

Costello's accounting team was spending hours writing agent commission checks. They realized they needed a payment solution to automate the process. However, they found the available options to be either difficult to use or incompatible with their existing tools.

The solution

Routable's seamless integration with Loft47 and real-time sync with Xero made commission payouts effortless for the Costello team. With Routable's support for same-day ACH payments, the Costello accounting team was able to pay their agents faster.

Costello REI scaled agent payments with Routable

Costello ensures agent satisfaction with swift commission payouts, powered by Routable. The accounting team no longer spends hours manually writing checks and can now effortlessly process hundreds of payments each month.


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