We’re building the simplest way to send cross-border payments

At Routable, we’re striving to become the best AP solution for easy, seamless B2B payments. Over the past year, we’ve been dedicated to adding more and more features to build an enterprise-level solution for all your payouts needs: mass payoutsadditional payment methodseasy approvalsteam management and seamless, two-way syncs with Oracle NetSuiteQuickBooks OnlineSage Intacct, and Xero—to name a few.

As our customers’ businesses have grown, they’ve started paying vendors and contractors around the world. We want to be the right payments solution to grow alongside them, which is why we’re excited to announce what we’re building: The simplest way to send cross-border payments.

We’re building a way to seamlessly onboard and pay your international vendors, contractors and partners in over 100 countries via the Routable API. We'll give you complete transparency into currency conversion rates and fees so you can pay vendors in their local currency and easily track how your money is moving across borders. With our API, you’ll have a powerful payments infrastructure in minutes.

Here’s what will be included:

1. Convenient payment methods and speeds

Routable supports multiple payment methods and speeds so you can choose the one that suits your needs. You can send payments in your vendor’s local currency via International ACH or SWIFT. Best of all, you’ll get complete transparency into how your money is moving across borders.

2. Easy-to-scale API

Our modern, easy-to-use APIs allow you to get up and running with a powerful payments infrastructure for cross-border (and domestic) payments in minutes. Routable’s API can handle high payment volumes—without compromising speed or stability. Our fine-grained access permissions allow you to define who has access to your data, and our API docs include the latest endpoints, available data and detailed usage documentation so you always have the information you need.

3. Simple controls for your payment workflows

Routable offers meaningful controls to support your cross-border payment workflows.  You can send cross-border payments via the Routable API and easily adjust how cross-border payments appear in your accounting software.

4. Self-serve vendor experience

As your company grows internationally, we make it easy to seamlessly manage and onboard thousands of vendors across the globe. Routable offers a white-labeled vendor portal for vendors to set up their bank accounts, local to their country. We’ll request vendors' tax information automatically in a user-friendly vendor experience.

What’s next

We’re aiming to have cross-border payments available to even more countries later this year. We’ll also be adding the ability to send payments through the Routable UI, CSV compatibility, multi-currency support, additional accounting software integrations and more.


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