A true vendor and customer CRM

Today we're announcing AP/AR that works just like email with threading and multiple contacts to help you pay and get paid more quickly.

Today we're announcing AP/AR that works just like email with threading and multiple contacts to help you pay and get paid more quickly.

It's crucial that your AP/AR involves the right stakeholders if you expect to get paid on time or spend as little time as possible paying others.

As you learn how each of your vendors and customers wants to do business, including who in their organizations you need to keep in the loop to keep things running smoothly, you can now take advantage of Routable's Vendor and Customer CRM features to codify this knowledge, streamlining your operations.

When you send an invoice or payment to a generic "invoices@" inbox, your business waits for someone on their side to forward it around. Legal, accounting, and even executives may all have to give their 2¢ before you see a dime of what you're owed or can consider the bill paid.

Even when you knew what was happening on their side of the wall, it's previously been untracked and out of your control from inside Routable.

Now, you can add those extra contacts directly to the company record in Routable!

How to use Routable's Vendor and Customer CRM?

Add as many contacts as you need for each vendor or customer

For months, the most common reason we've heard you ask for support has been to change a customer or vendor's email address. Collectively, we've probably spent hundreds of hours asking, waiting for, and making these changes, and it's time for everyone to recycle that time into more important business.

You can now directly edit the email address associated with each company with whom you do business, and can add as many additional contacts as you deem necessary.

Contacts can be for business representatives, who we ask to update the information you have on file on their business itself, or individuals within their AP/AR departments who will be responding to the individual invoices and payments you send.

See the whole conversation thread

With these contacts added, you can choose who gets included on each invoice or payment. Sending to multiple contacts creates a space where any conversation is shared and can help you get each payment or request approved and processed more quickly.

Everyone involved gets updates and can ask questions or share context, and all the replies get shared with each contact involved on the corresponding payment or request. Additionally, every message is logged, and visible when viewing the payment or request directly in Routable so that everything is saved in case another member of your team later needs to look something up.

Define who should take action, and who'll only be CC'd, whenever you send payables/receivables

You get to choose who to include on each payment or invoice, and whether to include them as an actionable or read-only contact so that only contacts you designate may take actions such as approving the final payment to you or choosing how which bank account they want to use for receiving payments.

Choosing to allow a contact to take action on a payment or request is like sending an email "To:" them, where read-only contacts are the equivalent of a "Cc:". They see what happens, but don't take control.

Working with many contacts? You also have the option to configure individual contacts so they autofill on every new payment or request, so that you save time vs adding them each by hand every time.

What to look forward to next 🚀

We will continue working to improve how you transact with your vendors and customers, and always want to hear how you would like us to help.

In the near future, we're planning to pay vendors silently for those times you want to send payment directly, without asking them to accept each time, and would rather skip adding any contacts for them altogether. We'll also be working on better tools for resolving when a contact's email has bounced, and needs to be updated.


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