Accounts payable automation: Online marketplaces and the challenge with high-volume payouts

A surge in B2B payment volume is a good sign your online marketplace is thriving — but have you checked in on your accounts payable (AP) team lately? How are they doing with the extra volume? Are they still managing payments with tired legacy methods? If your team is experiencing friction throughout the process, AP automation will be a huge help. 

In this report, we collaborated with PYMNTS to learn the challenges that online marketplaces experience with high-volume payables and how they view AP automation to support long-term growth.

We learned that: 

  • 79% expect innovation to speed up payables processing 

  • 22% say insufficient communications undermine their vendor relationships

  • 70% say their vendor relationships will improve as a result of AP automation

  • And much more 

Download the report to take control of your online marketplace growth strategy and ease your AP team’s day-to-day workload. 

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