Accounts Payable Automation

Why gig economy companies see payables as key to success

We collaborated with PYMNTS to understand how nearly 9 in 10 gig economy platforms expect their payables volumes to spike, but their legacy payables tech could stall their growth.

We learned that: 

  • 78% identify inefficient communications with vendors as a key challenge

  • 83% are unable to make payments in vendor-preferred currencies

  • 56% have issues onboarding new vendors

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More options, more payouts — on time, every time

Give your sellers and contractors the experience of fast, convenient payment options with full details of every transaction. Offer the industry's fastest payment speeds including Same Day and Next Day ACH along with Real-Time Payments for instant direct-to-bank transfers. If your payees prefer checks, send them in your choice of eight different delivery options.

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the process to send a payout to your seller or vendor

Indie marketplace saves 90+ hours a month with Routable

Routable’s modern and easy-to-use API saved Garmentory countless hours they would have spent building a payments solution in house.

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Accounts Payable (AP) Automation: Why Gig Economy Companies See Payables Innovation As Key To Success