Introducing our integration with Oracle NetSuite

Power your B2B payments with Routable, the first payments platform that supports a reliable bi-directional sync of bills, invoices, vendors, customers, accounts and application data with NetSuite.

I’m excited to make a big announcement. It’s not that we’ve raised a boatload more cash, nor have we been acquired, nor have we perfected the AI to make all accounting data entry obsolete – but still, it’s big news.

I’m incredibly excited to announce that Routable has launched a bi-directional sync with NetSuite.

That’s a big deal.

How Routable is powering B2B payments

At Routable, we’re empowering the financial backbone of the fastest growing companies, and especially “Uber for X” startups:  businesses that require a high volume of payouts. Whether they’re connecting users directly with people who want to rent their spare bedroom, or making it easier for you to order food before you get to a restaurant, there are a whole lot of problems they face. How will these businesses get users to love their product? How will they get vendors to sign up?

Few of these businesses are getting really excited about the incredible challenge it can be to pay +10,000 vendors 2-5 times per week. And even fewer are thinking about the engineering hours that are required to sync the software used by legacy small businesses. That’s where Routable comes in.

With our API, vendors like Snackpass, Seated, and Garmentory are able to seamlessly pay thousands of vendors each week without opening their checkbook.

We’ve built ourselves on the back of best-in-class integrations with Xero and QuickBooks Online. With our NetSuite integration, we’re excited to help even more companies grow and expand their marketplaces.

Routable now integrates with Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite is an incredibly powerful ERP that can be configured to empower many of the world’s leading companies to do their day-to-day business. Other AP tools require you to painfully upload transaction data, or replicate intricate processes in NetSuite that already exist elsewhere; so much that our data shows that many teams spend 40% of their time reconciling records between other AP software and NetSuite.

Not with Routable.

Two-way, real-time sync with NetSuite

We’ve built the first ever AP software that supports a reliable bi-directional sync of bills, invoices, vendors, customers, accounts and application data with NetSuite. When you build a workflow or custom field in NetSuite, it will automatically show up in Routable – no double data-entry required.

Fast and easy set-up in minutes

And that’s not even the best part. Because of how we’ve built Routable, you can integrate our software into your NetSuite environment in mere minutes. If you’re using Quickbooks or Xero, we’ll keep all of our data and help you seamlessly transition to NetSuite with ease.

We’re excited to grow with you

Which brings me back to why I’m so incredibly excited to announce Routable’s integration with NetSuite: we’re now fully ready to support your company from when it’s just a few people in a room, to when it’s one of the largest companies in the world.

See how Routable and NetSuite work together

Easy workflow

You can start your workflow in NetSuite or in Routable.

Custom fields

We can support any custom fields you’re using in NetSuite.

No double data entry

You no longer have to export payment data from another tool and upload it into NetSuite – we automatically do that for you with our bi-directional sync.

See your payments in one place

You no longer need to export a list of payments to make and log them into your bank one by one. Routable will automatically populate your payments.

Be confident in your approval process

Ensure the right stakeholders can easily review and approve bills without slowing down your process.

Build with our API

We built NetSuite to support companies that need to send 100K+ payments a month via our API.

Special thanks 🙏

Thanks to Miran Ahmad, Irene Becklund, Evelyn Chan, Ashish Gupta, Jonathan Hutner, Deirdre Mullin for always lending a hand to our team and making sure we always build the best features and integrations for NetSuite.

Interested in learning more?

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