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Friction-free accounts payable

Reduce your manual intervention with our secure bill payment solution. We support your payables workflow today while giving you the flexibility to scale transactions tomorrow.

We make easy business payments a reality

Thousands of finance leaders trust our expertise in B2B payment solutions. Their successes speak for themselves.
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70% reduction in tedious payable tasks with our easy-to-use software

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25% less time spent on reconciliation with our two-way data sync

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40% reduction in the cost of bill payments and mass payouts

Routable has removed a ton of redundancies from our payables process saving our team serious time every week. Setup was way easier than I expected for a connection to NetSuite and customer service has been awesome as we've been learning the platform.
Allen Shafer

Fulton & Roark Co-founder

Don’t worry about updating your accounting software.

Our two-way sync keeps your general ledger up-to-date and makes reconciliation easy.

80% reduction in manual payment tasks through automation and our easy-to-use software


Save hundreds of thousands a year by moving to our automated AP/AR solution


25% reduction in reconciliation efforts with our real-time 2-way accounting software sync

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